The Varieties of Table Lamp Bases

A tableĀ atollo replica lamp is simply a source of illumination that stands in any open space or table. In the present day household, table lamps also serve as the simplest lighting solutions. With the right bulb type, shape, color, and design modern contemporary table lamps are now able to function as either an accent or main source of soft or bright light to enhance the overall ambiance. It could be argued that the lampshade or cover offers the most flexibility in choosing a lamp. This article will discuss the various lampshades currently available for use with table lamps.

One of the earliest table lamps to gain popularity was the incandescent bulb. The earliest designs of these lamps often had glass or plastic covers with holes to allow the light to pass through. The shade would then have either a white color or yellow color to provide the much sought after white light for reading or cooking purposes. Incandescent table lamps typically used lead or mercury vapors as their light source. These lamps were typically only found in large restaurants or large houses in urban areas because they were extremely inefficient and did not produce very strong light.

As the light bulb was replaced by the halogen, more changes occurred in the design and style of table lamps. Now, they could come in many more different designs, shapes, and colors. New shapes and sizes allowed for greater lighting options. The biggest change however, was in the source of the illumination. While the incandescent lamps were still common place, halogen lamps became more popular because they can provide stronger lighting while using less electricity than their incandescent counterparts. Halogen table lamp designs gained momentum in the 1970s and 1980s.

Table lamps with halogen bulbs are designed in two ways. The first is the base which contains the bulb and the shade. The second is the cover over the bulb that allows you to remove the bulb while still keeping the shade on. Both ways produce a similar effect. The shade is what controls the amount of light produced by the bulb. This is done by having a thin layer of plastic placed over the bulb so the light is directed to the shade.

Today’s table lamps come in all manner of designs and shapes. Most have a metal or glass base and a hood with a shade. However, there are some table lamps that contain an LED light switch. These types of table lamps often come with a remote control to allow you to turn the light switch on or off from a distance. Another type of table lamp that is gaining popularity is the solar powered lamp, which uses light energy collected by the sun to provide lighting for the table.

Table lampshades are available in a wide variety of materials and colors. Some are made of clear glass, while others are made of acrylic, plastic, or metal. These lampshade choices will generally be determined by the size of the table lamp and whether or not it contains a light switch. As you can see, there are many different options when it comes to choosing table lamp bases.

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