Three DOT Certified Helmets For Motorcycle Rides

When you are out to ride, whether it is on a long road trip or just a daily trip around the neighborhood, there are a few things you should not forget to bring along with you on your motorcycle, especially if you are going to wear a helmet. One thing you can not go without is a good helmet for motorcycle riding. This is something you will wear most of the time, so it is necessary that you get the safest helmet possible. There are four different types of helmets for motorcycle riding that you can choose from.

Bell Trigger Snell Certified Wind Tunnel Top Quality Bell Trigger helmets feature a full face wind noise ventilation system. The Bell Trigger Snell Certification helps to ensure that Bell Trigger helmets offer the highest level of wind noise reduction in the industry. The ventilation ports located on both sides of the helmet to allow for air flow through the helmet for increased airflow and sound reduction. Because this ventilation system is sealed, there is no chance for the vents to be plugged or for dirt to enter into the vents, which is a huge concern with many different types of helmets. If you have problems with dirt getting into the vents, then this is definitely something you want to look at.

ScorpionExo Carbon Fiber ScratchGuard This type of helmet for motorcycle riding offers a high tech, full face shield which also offers added ventilation options. The scratch guard extends over the entire top half of the helmet and has three slots that allow you to easily adjust the fit of the helmet to prevent irritation of the skin by the end of the day. This helmet is available with or without a face shield.

ScorpionExo Kevlar Face Shield A Kevlar face shield is definitely an option you would want to consider. This type of shield does offer a very high level of impact resistance as well as safety, protection, and comfort to the rider. This is one of the most popular helmet types on the market for today’s motorcycle riders and for good reason. There is nothing worse than having an accident in which your face shield breaks or gets smashed in. You will have to endure a great deal of pain and possibly require hospitalization in order to get the wound repaired.

ScorpionExo Carbon Fiber This helmet is made from one of the best full face motorcycle helmets available on the market. This material is light weight but is also very strong and durable. Because of its strength and lightness, it is easy to fold and store, which makes it easier to take with you when you go on trips. One of the best features about this material is that it resists punctures and scratches so you are almost guaranteed not to have any problems with this helmet.

BreathDeflector This helmet has the option to replace the traditional chin vents face shield and comes in either black or white. This is a popular helmet for both males and females. The breath deflector actually works to reduce the amount of wind noise that passes through the helmet. This will keep you much more comfortable and help prevent you from feeling as much pain from head wind. Tips for wearing motorcycle head helmet safety

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